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Have your ad on Google today.

Be seen by potential clients at the very time that they are looking on Google for stuff that you offer.

Get Free Brand Advertising every time a Potential Client sees your ad but does not click on it – those ads will be free.

We have designed a system to make you very, very happy!! 

We researched what was best for you.

Here is what we found:


(1) You do not want to have a fixed advertising cost.  DONE!

(2) You want to be able to spend as little as you wish on Google advertising in any given month.   DONE!

(3) You want to be able to boost your Google Advertising to whatever level you desire, whenever you feel like it.  DONE!

(4) After boosting your Google Advertising, you want to be able to reduce it again, at will, without any administrative costs or penalties.  DONE!

(5) In fact, you do not want any hidden fees and unexpected costs at all.  DONE!

(6) You do not want to be bothered with the technical aspects of Google Ads.  DONE!

(7) You do not want to be tied in with any contracts.  You want to be able to exit the system at any time.  DONE!

(8) You want the best value for money from you Google Ads.  DONE!

(9) You want your sales to grow.  DONE!  Google Ads work.

(10) You want to have your Google Ads expertly Set Up, Managed and Optimised.  We will gladly DO THIS!



You will only pay for the Google Ads that Actually Work by sending new potential clients directly to visit your Website.

Ads that do not work are totally free as regards Google – forever!

** Adwords247 will Setup, Manage and Optimise all of the Google Ads Technical work and do the Google Ad Creation for free for the first 30 days.  Thereafter our only fee is 10% of your Google Ads budget, with a minimum fee of R3500 per month.


 So yes, here is what we offer you:

No contracts to sign.  Spend whatever you want to on Google Ads, whenever you want to.  Reduce your Google Adspend at will, even to zero.  Increase the Google Adspend at will, without limit.  Keep changing the Adspend as often as you wish with zero penalties and zero admin fees for changes.  We charge you nothing for our services for 30 full days.  Thereafter we charge only one fee: 10% of your Google Ad budget, with a minimum fee of R3500 per month, whatever you decide it to be.  This fee is taken out of whatever you decide to pay into your Adwords247 Google Ads account, as and when you fund your Google Ads.

So whenever you fund your advertising, that is the only time we charge a small fee, of 10% of the amount funded.

This is an Advertising Business Dream situation, giving you total control over your costs and Google Ads.  You know that a full 90% of your monies are directed towards your Google Ads, and that only 10% of your advertising budget is taken up by all of the technicalities of the Google ads.  We take care of all of the technical work for you.  Our 10% fees are amongst the very lowest in the industry, and our service levels are amongst the highest.


Get New Clients, and Increase Sales, Cash-flow and Revenue.

Evaluate us for 30 Days for Free

Enjoy all the new Sales and Clients and Website Traffic with Zero Google Ads Management Fees.

Cancel at any time.

We will do our best to make you so happy that you will stay with us for a long, long time.


After the first 30 days have past, and if you elect to remain a client, you are charged only 10% of your adspend as our management fee.  If you do not elect to remain a client, we will not bill you at all for the first 30 days work by Adwords247 ™.


** It is important to note:

You will be paying us only.

(1) We pay Google on your behalf for the ads of yours that are clicked on.

(2) For the first 30 days, we do not deduct any fees for ourselves at all.  100% of the monies that you pay us goes towards your Google Ads.

(3) Adwords247 levies a small 10% charge (based on your budget) for the Google Ads Management and Optimization service that we provide – but this is free for 30 days, and you can cancel at will.  After the first 30 free days of service, we charge only 10% of your advertising budget.

Management and Optimization of Your Google Ads


We provide Full Spectrum Cost Effective Google Ads Management to Increase Your Traffic, Conversions, Sales and Profits while Reducing Your Costs and Time Wastage.



Adwords247 ™ will manage your Google Search Ads on your behalf to increase Traffic to your Website, to Increase Conversions of Traffic into Actual Sales and to Reduce your Advertising Bill.

Pay Whatever You Want To

You can budget!   You spend whatever you want to on your Google ads.  You do not pay us a fixed amount.  You have total control over your Google Advertising bill.  You can pay us whatever you wish, whenever you wish, as often or as infrequently as you wish.  This gives you the power to control your cashflow and your Google Advertising as you wish.  Whenever you decide to advertise more, just pay more into your advertising account with us.  Whenever you wish to reduce your Google advertising, you simply pay us less – at your sole discretion.

30 Days Free Trial

For 30 days we will Setup, Manage and Optimize your Google Ads – FREE!

No Obligation to Continue after the Trial

If you are not totally happy with us after the Free Trial, you can simply cancel, without any obligation to us.  You need only pay Google for the actual ads that did in fact work, by sending visitors to your Website.  You will pay us nothing if you cancel.


Risk Free

We will only be appointed by you if you are happy with the actual results that we achieved for you.  Not happy? Cancel.  Happy? Continue to use Adwords247.

Success Partnership not Billing of Clients


We want you to see us as a partner in your Business Success, not as a cost.  To achieve this we will first work for you for 30 days for free, to prove that the value that we bring to the table by way of increased Website Traffic, Increased Leads, Increased Sales and increased Brand Awareness is far greater than our small monthly fees.



Adwords247 ™ will manage your Google Search Ads on your behalf for free for 30 days so that you can see the results that we can deliver.


Efficient, Effective, Affordable

Increased Sales and Cash-Flow

If what you seek is Increased Traffic to your Website and Increased Conversions, Sales and CashFlow,

AND if you are Deadly Serious about Keeping Advertising Costs Down, then you should strongly consider using Adwords247.


What makes Adwords247 ™ Google Ads Management Outstanding is this:

We deliver Personal Attention to You, Your Business, and its Needs.  Our Staff are Seasoned Businessmen and Businesswomen and are Highly Qualified, Driven and Expertly Managed.  Our Attention to Detail is Unsurpassed.  All Relevant Statistics are Evaluated and Appropriate Action taken.  Cost Per Click, Keyword Quality, Conversion Rates, Click Through Ratios and numerous other Key Indicators are all examined and Acted Upon.

The Result is that we do what it takes to ensure that You get the Highest Possible Return from your Ad-spend.

Time and Money

If you are Absolutely Serious about your Business and your Time, and if you insist on the best Google Ads Management that you can find anywhere, then AdWords247 ™ is something that you should strongly consider adding to your Management Tool-Bag. 

Our Google Ads Management Service is Excellent, our Performance is Exemplary and our Fees are Extremely Low.

“One Sign of Superior Management Ability is the Delegation of Highly Technical Work to Well Chosen Competent Individuals ” – Barron Hall, Chief Mentor and CEO DollarBillionaire

Codespace is based in Cape Town and is an industry leader in teaching Computer Coding. CodeSpace teaches technical education in blended learning environments. 

As a Technology based business we were very picky when we chose our service provider in the field of Google Ads. We are fully capable of doing this for ourselves, and yet, for quite a few good reasons, we have chosen to outsource this important aspect to Adwords247. In particular we wanted to spend our time doing what we do best – teaching coding, and not on keeping up with the technical aspects of Google Ads. We demanded efficient use of our advertising monies leading to increased sales and low cost of acquisition of new clients, augmented with timely and helpful reports on the progress of our Google Ads.

We value our online presence and brand image very highly. We strive for perfection and excellence in all that we do, and in all that we outsource.

Codespace have been using the Google Ads Management and Optimization Services of Adwords247 for quite some time now. We would like to recommend them for the following reasons: Our sales have been rising steadily. The cost per click on Google Ads has been steadily reducing over time as Adwords247 have been continually optimizing our account.


Stefan Louw

Co-Founder, CodeSpace

Just a few words for the team.


I have had an opportunity to use the services of adwords247. I have been absolutely satisfied with the excellent service by adwords247 in their efficiency. I have been receiving a lot of traffic to my site due to their assistance. In addition to this I always appreciate business management advice from the team, which I think sets them apart from other service providers. The adwords247 team also has an excellent response turnaround time. Issues are resolved as soon as possible irrespective of the time.

Thank you for excellent service.
Lobone Raditladi

Lobone Raditladi

Clinical Psychologist

How does it all Work?

How does Google Ads Work when Managed by Adwords247 ?


BUILDING BRAND AWARENESS for free – When a Potential New Client sees your Google Ad on the Google Search Results page, you Build Brand Awareness and it Costs You Nothing.


YOU PAY ONLY FOR SUCCESSFUL GOOGLE ADS – When a Potential New Client sees your Google Ad on the Google Search Results page, and Clicks on the Ad, He gets sent Directly to your Website.  This is the Only Time that Google bills us for your account – We only pay for the Google Ads that send traffic to your Website!  


YOU CONTROL YOUR GOOGLE AD BUDGETYou will instruct us regarding your Monthly Google Ads Budget by simply funding you Google Ads account as and when you so wish, for whatever amount you desire.  We will set up your Google Ads to remain within that Budget.  You can fund your Google Ads with any amount that you wish.  Whenever you wish.  Absolute financial planning freedom.  No demands on your cashflow when you need the cash for some other reason.  No due dates.    


YOU CONTROL YOUR ADWORDS247 FEES – Your Adwords247 fees are fixed at the low rate of 10% of budget and will never increase as your business grows.  They can however, Decrease, even to Zero. **



** For every new paying client that you successfully refer to Adwords247, we will reduce your fees due to Adwords247 for Google Ads Management by 25%.  The fees step down as follows: 10%, 7.5%, 5%, 2.5%, Zero fees.  After four successful referrals, your Google Ads Management services to you will be free.  If referred clients leave, the discount for them will leave too, but can be regained by another referral.  


Absolutely Free Full Service for 30 days.

Cancel at any time if unhappy.  You will not be unhappy.

Click the button below to Start Your very own Google Ads Campaign, managed by Adwords247 ™.

Delegation of Technical Tasks

Leads to Superior Business Performance.

“The Businessman who spent too much time trying to Master Google Ads”


Struggling with Google Ads?

Your staff still doing your Google Ads?  Are you doing the Google Ads?  There exists a much better way that could give Better Results, Cost Less and Save you Time.

Adwords247 ™ : World Class Google Ads Management.

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