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A Broad Overview of How our Google Ads Management Services work – What we will do for you.

Before we start talking about all of the Technical Stuff, here is what we will do for you, in Simple English:


You decide how much you want to spend on your Google Ads.  Transfer this money to your Google Ads account at Adwords247™. 

Adwords247 ™ will then get you on Google, to send people to your Website.  This will Increase Your Website Visitor Count, and in so doing help to increase your Cash-flow, Sales and Profits while Reducing Your Costs and Time Wastage.  If you do not have a website, we can design and build one for you.



Before we do any Google Ads work, we spend Time getting to know Your Business.  We will study your Website in detail.  Your closest competitors will be researched.  We will also Listen to You to find out exactly what your Needs are.

Google Ads Setup

If you do not already have a Google Ads Account do not worry – we will set up one for You.  If You already have a Google Ads Account, then we will take it over as is, and manage it from there.


At this stage you will tell us how much your Google Ads budget is, and we will setup Google Ads so that it runs within your Budget.  Then your Google Ads go live, Potential Clients see your Google Ad and they arrive at your website, keen to know more or keen to buy.


A sales pipeline is a visual snapshot of where prospects are in the sales process.  Your Business Sales PipeLine will be discussed with you.  Google Ads will contribute to the beginning stages of your Pipeline so it is essential that we, and you, understand it well.

Google Analytics Setup

If you do not already have a Google Analytics Account do not worry – we will set up one for you if you need us to do so.



Over time we will continually refine and polish your Google Ads portfolio to maximise your sales and to minimise your Google ads advertising costs.

A more Detailed Look at the Technology behind Google Ads that We will Manage for You.



Keyword Research will be undertaken to identify the best keywords for your Business.


Ad Groups and Ads

Ad Groups within each Campaign will be created and appropriate Google Search Text Ads will be created.

Quality Score

By maximising your Keyword Quality Score we will be able to cut down on your Google Ads Expenditure.



Within the Google Ad Framework new Marketing Campaigns will be created to match your Business Marketing Needs.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting will be performed to ensure that your Google Ads are only seen in Places and Countries as specified by yourself, taking into account the nature of your Business.


Keyword Bidding will be managed at the level required to obtain the maximum exposure for your Business given your budget requirements.


Click Through Ratio

Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of [potential clients who click on a Google Ad] to [the number of total users who view the ad]. We monitor this to measure the success of Your Advertising Campaign.


Remarketing is a way to connect with visitors to your website who did not purchase from you. Remarketing allows you to serve targeted ads to a specific audience that had visited your website before – as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions allow you to supplement the content of your main Google Ad with other relevant information and sitelinks.  Google does not charge you more for this, so it is a great way to present a much more appealing Google Ad.


Conversion Rate

Conversion rates are calculated by taking [the number of Conversions] and dividing that by [the number of total ad clicks] that can be traced to the conversion during the same time period.  We work to help you maximize your Conversion Rates.

Negative Keywords

We will monitor your account for incoming search terms that are inappropriate or unlikely to lead to sales.  These Negative Keywords, once we record them in your Google Ads system will help to reduce your Google Ads Costs.


Mobile Targeting

Withing the Google Ad Framework we will adjust the bids in your account to target Mobile Devices as per your business requirements.

Ad Scheduling

We will control exactly when your Google Ads will appear.  Timing is very important and you need to time the appearance of your Google Ads to suit your potential clients.

Ad Creation

When you buy Advertising Space, it is truly smart to use all of the space allocated to you.  We will help to optmize the use of your allowable character counts to ensure the maximum exposure for your money.


Call Tracking

Google Ads Call Tracking software enables one to track offline conversions back to the exact keywords, ads, and campaigns that created the lead.

Landing Page

We will examine your Landing Pages to ensure that they are appropriate for the Keywords being Targeted. 


Campaign Budgets will be monitored to ensure that they fall in with Your allocated budgets.  No unexpected overruns on advertising costs.





Google Ads Search Network Setup,

Google Ads Management,

and Google Ads Optimization.

  to Increase Your



Sales and


while Reducing

Costs, and

Time Wastage.



Adwords247™ is

Highly Cost Effective and Sales Efficient.



Google Ads Management

Adwords247 takes the entire process off your hands and does all the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and boosting your sales.

Sweetest Price Point

Our fee percentage does NOT increase as your business grows.  You can budget for this one low fixed cost and benefit from this as you grow.

Adwords247 ™ will manage your Goggle Ads / Google AdWords on your behalf

to Increase Traffic to your Website,

to Increase Conversions of Traffic into Actual Sales


to Reduce your Advertising Bill.


That’s it. That’s what we do.


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