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Get 30 days for FREE at no risk to you, only Upside!! All extra sales that you make in the first 30 days are yours to enjoy without any Adwords247 Management Fees.  You will need to pay Google directly, but ONLY for the Google Ads that actually send visitors to your website, or those who call you after seeing the Google Ad.

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  1. See my comments belowIncrease Sales and Cash-flowIncrease Website VisitsIncrease LeadsIncrease Brand AwarenessIncrease Calls InwardsReduce Advertising CostsReduce my time spent on Google AdsI need to have a Website built for meI need my current Website to be Managed and Polished by Adwords247 ™
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    UnspecifiedPlease Set Up and Manage our Google AdsPlease Take over our Google Ads ManagementI am referring a New Client to Adwords247 ™Please take over the Management of my WebsitePlease create a Website for mePlease contact meOther

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We will NOT dissapoint you.

If you give us your go-ahead, you will receive world class Google Ads Setup, Management and Optimization Totally Free for 30 days.  Cancel any time with no penalty.

Once we receive your completed Application Form from you we will immediately:
Research your Website if you have one,
Create a Website for you to use if you do not have one,
Set up your Google Ads account,
Research the best Keywords for your Business,
Create Compelling Ads to appear on Google,
Restrict the ads to the correct areas,
Initialize all of the Technical Google Ads settings,
Place your ads live on Google,
Call you and/or email you regarding progress.

All communications go direct to our CEO and are regarded as private and confidential.


Thank You!


Google will give you a credit facility and they will not charge you until this facility is used up, or until 30 days pass, whichever is sooner. If your Ads are shown on Google and seen by the browsing person, but NOT clicked, then you will NOT be charged by Google for that ad.

Adwords247™ will not charge you one cent for 30days, at which time you may freely cancel without any fees from Adwords247™.


You may continue to enjoy increased Leads, Website Visitors, Sales, Cash-Flow and Revenue simply by not cancelling.



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