Adwords247 will setup, manage and optimize your Google Ads Account so that you have the time to grow your business.

We understand that Advertising is Costly

Adwords247™ is a company that  provides Superior Google Ads Services at a Sweet Price Point that enables you to smile!


Management of Google Ads Search Network:

Example of a Google Search Ad:

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Adwords247 Rates for Google Search Ads Management

10% of Google Ads Budget with a minimum fee of R3500 per month.

That is it.

No hidden fees, no admin fees, no extra costs. 

Your fees are fixed at 10% with a minimum fee of R3500 per month and will not change as your business grows.

This is great for your business – you can now budget and manage this cost as you are the one to decide on your Google Ads Budget.



Bitcoin Accepted

Experts at work

Adwords247™ has a team of people who will look after your Google Ads with Care, Dedication, Creativity and Professionalism.  You can safely delegate this important function to us.


Adwords247™ delivers Great Value to you by concentrating our skills on one specific area : Google Ads.  Through Economies of Scale and Efficient Office Management we are able to deliver to you a Truly Excellent Google Ads Management Service at a Very Low, Fixed Percentage Cost to Yourself.

Ask Adwords247™ to do your Google Ads now!

Adwords247™Google Ads Management

Save time, Save Money, Increase Sales and Increase Profits. 

TickItHighly Effective Google Ads Management by Adwords247™.

TickItSetup and running in 1 to 2 days.

TickItLock in a low cost of managing your Google Ads.

TickIt Adwords247™ will research your Business and Find the best Keywords.

TickItAdwords247 will setup your Google Ads account for you if it does not already exist, and the same for your Google Analytics account.

TickIt Adwords247™ will manage your account to achieve a high CTR – Click Through Ratio.

TickItAdwords247™ will manage your account to achieve a high Quality Score – this can reduce your Adspend cost by up to 50% on the better keywords.

TickItAdwords247™ will take care of all of the details like Location Based Targeting, Conversion Tracking, Campaign Structures, Negative Keywords Management, Device Type Targeting, and so on.

Smart Businesses Delegate Highly Technical Functions to free up Management Time.


Save Time and Money and Increase Sales by Optimizing your Advertising efforts.


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